'Red-ink Reynolds' has created an Iowa Budget Nightmare!


In 2017, Governor Reynolds has: 

  • Raided $144 million from state reserve funds to balance books in 2017

    • Borrowed $131 million from Iowa's State Reserve Account

    • Took additional $13 million from State Economic Emergency Fund 

  • Cut $118 million to balance 2017 budget 

  • Underfunded education and health care  

  • Promised to repay her debt by 2019, but now wants to push off re-payment until 2020 and beyond


So far in 2018, Governor Reynolds has: 

  • Cut $35.5 million from Iowa's Regent Schools, community colleges, Department of Human Services, Department of Corrections, Iowa's High Quality Jobs program, and the judicial branch. 


And now she's talking about TAX CUTS??

Fred Hubbell Calls on Governor Reynolds to Pay Off her Massive   Debt This Year and Fund Vital Services Before New Tax Cuts!



















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